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Success Stories

Never, Never, Never Give Up!

Never, Never, Never Give Up!

My Success Story starts with frustration and ends with me finding a Life Long Program to manage my scoliosis that I can follow to keep my active lifestyle!!

In 2008 I tore my left ACL falling off my bicycle and had it surgically repaired. I went through a rigorous rehabilitation program to get proper function of my knee back. I had had regular check ups my whole life and no one had ever mentioned anything about a curvature in my back.
Fast forward a year or so post knee surgery and I was working out with a trainer and he told me I had scoliosis. After checking it out with my doctor I did indeed have a significant curve. I wasn’t having any issues so I just went on with life. The reason I mention my knee surgery is I believe my hips and pelvis got off in my post surgical recuperation and it caused what might have been a slight curve to go crazy, that and menopause closing in.

A year or so later I started having daily back pain and decided to research what help was available. I’m a retired PICU and NICU RN so I sought out medical advice and was disgusted on how little was offered non surgically to help scoliosis sufferers. I went to University of Michigan Spinal Clinic hoping for an exercise program to help and was actually asked in a condescending manner “why are you here?” And told they had nothing to offer until it was surgical or I started having bowel or bladder problems. By this time my curve was well over 50 and worsening it felt like by the month. I was getting scared as we are very active people!

So several sessions of PT, trying SCHROTH (which I hated) and a lot of frustration later I happened across an ad for ScoliSMART on Facebook. I was super skeptical but when I looked at their very comprehensive website it spoke to me and I made an appointment that very week with Dr. Morningstar in Michigan. Here is where frustration stopped and HOPE began!

I have done two Boot Camps and was seen by Dr. Morningstar every 3-6 months for the first 2 years then yearly since. I have reduced my curve from 58 to 42 and maintained that for 3 years or more. I’m starting to lose track.  I have very little daily pain and sleep like a baby in every position. I use the Scoliosis Activity Suit (SAS) now for maintaining my curve reduction. It is very effective in relieving my pain from standing or jobs that might otherwise aggravate my scoliosis such as vacuuming.
I am confident that I now have a comprehensive way to manage my scoliosis and a wonderful set of physicians for follow up who have made it their passion to help people with scoliosis !! I have made friends in the Scoliosis Warriors Group and some of them have become lifelong support pals on this journey.
Best yet I’m a 62 year old outdoor girl who is continuing to enjoy all the AZ mountain climbing, bicycling, golfing, bowling, Grand Baby watching activities I enjoy!!

Debbie Hardcastle