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Scoliosis is so much more than just the curve

Scoliosis is so much more than just the curve

When I was a teenager a PE teacher (who was a friend of the family) noticed that one of my shoulders was lower than the other.  She had me bend over and inspected my spine and it was obviously curved.  Way back then, nothing was really done and my parents did not take me to a doctor as I was not in pain.  I lived my life and did not give my spine a second thought.  In my mid to late 40’s I began to notice a hump on one side of my back and knew it was due to my scoliosis.  I saw several orthopedic docs over the next 10 years and had many, many rounds of PT.  By my mid 50’s I was in pain.  Daily and severe.  I pursued many different therapies…

 I traveled to Fairfax, VA to learn Schroth at the National Scoliosis Center.  I made many trips and practiced the exercises faithfully.  It did not relieve my pain or improve my condition. 

 I had several spinal injections and ablations.  This did not help. 

 I went to Charlottesville to learn Egoscue exercises which was recommended by my massage therapist.  This did not help. 

 I met with Karena Thek Lineback when she was in Williamsburg to learn Scolio-Pilates.  She travels the world teaching  these exercises and developed a program specifically for me.  These exercises did not help.

One of my regular doctors recommended an orthopedic surgeon who performed spinal fusion on her mother, and I saw him.  He said he would perform fusion surgery on me but honestly it was trading one pain for another and I would always be in pain and I should do everything possible to avoid “the knife!”

I became very depressed and had some very dark thoughts.  I really felt hopeless!

I still kept researching; looking for anything that could possibly help me.  I finally found that help!  ScoliSMART.  I read so many testimonies from people who got pain relief (the most important thing to me) and curve reduction.  By this time, I was 56 years old.  I was so excited to try something that actually helped people.  I traveled to PA to see Dr. Clayton Stitzel and he prescribed the ScoliSMART Activity Suit (SAS). 

At that time I was not a candidate for their Bootcamp because my spine was so unstable.   However, after wearing the SAS for several years the condition of my spine had improved and I attended their Scoliosis Boot Camp for a week resulting in a 4.5 degree of correction!  I was over the moon!  I came home with equipment and a program that I follow daily!

Scoliosis is so much more than just the curve.  The curve is only a symptom of the condition.  I would just encourage you to research them.  Read their research papers.  They have attributed genetics, neurotransmitters, hormones, bone health and more to the development and progression of the disease.  Join the Scoliosis Warriors facebook page and read the testimonies.  

I trust them as they have helped me so much.

I hope this helps you.