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Meet Dr. Brittany Wright

Meet Dr. Brittany Wright

So, I guess I should start with the fact that I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy not a chiropractor. I have known that I wanted to be a physical therapist since high school. I was a frequently injured athlete during my formative years and much of my story would have been different if it wasn't for my athletic trainer Roger Doman. I went to a tiny private high school in Joplin that didn't have a lot of resources. Which meant that though I was frequently requiring treatment, we did not have a daily athletic trainer on staff. Roger was eventually assigned to check in on us and a handful of other schools. Roger not only helped me as an athlete but also was eager to answer any questions that I would have in general about what he did and how he did it. He eventually learned that I was helping other athletes at my school with the knowledge we had talked about. I am forever grateful that instead of getting onto me as a kid who was acting a little too big for her britches, he instead offered for me to come hang out and learn at his main clinic. It was there that he learned I was really serious about this becoming a profession and set me up with my first physical therapist to learn from. I remember him saying “I want you to be able to help people as well as have a life/family and you're not going to do that as an AT”. 

After high school, I went on to play volleyball at Evangel University where I majored in Biochemistry with a minor in psychology. After four years, I was accepted into Southwest Baptist University where I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2016. 

I actually went into working with chiropractic practitioners back in 2018 after I realized the hospital systems were not for me personally as a practitioner. Hospital based therapy is governed by many rules, none of which are intended to improve health and so I went to private practice in August of 2018. Healing Arts Center is the multispecialty center that I have been with since that time even though back then it was just a small group of practitioners that practiced in the "little house by the bridge".  It has been an interesting journey over the last several years to get to where we are at now, but we went from just a handful of practitioners to now two facilities totaling well over 10,000 square feet of space to help patients on the track to real health goals. 

When I got to the Healing Arts Center in Branson, Missouri I started working with Mark Scribner, Dr. Matthew Sams, and Tricia Sams to create a network and a community that focused on real patient care. The practice centered on providing HOPE for patients in living a John 10:10 life. Or as we call it "life in all its fullest". In setting up my side of the practice, I was always interested in not limiting who I saw which meant I was active with both the pediatric and adult community. I worked with patients who had scoliosis in the traditional sense of both pediatric and adult physical therapy, but it wasn't until working with Mark's daughter that we got involved in ScoliSMART. I was asked in general to help find the source of his daughter's headaches. After assessing his daughter for potential causes of the headaches, we found not only a severe curve but also severe blood work issues. 

It was at this point that I suggested typical bracing and/or surgery because I was well versed in the traditional treatment for scoliosis patients. However, the traditional approach to scoliosis is often painful and rarely addresses function for the patient. This typically leads to a lifetime of chronic pain as an adult. I presented these options to Mark and he was not happy about this being a course of life for his daughter. Mark was the one who searched and got connected with ScoliNation and he ultimately found Dr. Morningstar of ScoliSMART clinics. Mark’s daughter attended a boot camp and treatment up north and returned a happier, healthier, and most importantly pain-reduced child. It was at this point that our clinic started a relationship with the ScoliSMART program, and I have enjoyed treating the community with an effective solution for the scoliosis diagnosis.

A recent patient I fitted for a ScoliSMART suit said it best when I asked her how the suit felt. She said, "It's like you gave me a warm hug and told my body it was going to be ok..." she had to then add with a grin "Good luck getting this off me now". 



For more information on Dr. Brittany Wright, contact the Healing Arts Center in Branson, MO.