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Meet Dr. Jenifer Epstein

Meet Dr. Jenifer Epstein

SN interviews Dr. Jenifer Epstein of Hershey, PA. Here is a transcript of our recent interview with her. Take a look!

SN: What made you first interested in scoliosis and chiropractic studies?

JE: I knew I was going to be a doctor. I just decided that I want to be a doctor that promotes staying well instead of just the treatment of pain or disease. I wanted an environment where patients come in healthy to stay healthy, and Chiropractic aligned with this perfectly.


SN: Where did you attend school?

JE: I attended IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) to study biology and pre-med. Then I attended New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY.


SN: What was it like for you starting your practice?

JE: It was terrifying but it was completely worth it. My practice went from zero to over 1000 visits per month in under a year and continued to grow with myself and our wonderful associate DC. My practice started in a small house with only seven parking spots - last October moved to a 3500SF space in a campus alongside a PT, Penn State Psychiatry, Yoga and Crossfit. We are currently in the process of bringing in a Nurse Practitioner for collaboration with family care from a functional perspective. 


SN: What does your practice specialize in?

JE: My practice specializes in chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, rehab, class IV laser, pre and postnatal care, and scoliosis care.


SN: Are there certain type(s) of method(s) that you use for treating scoliosis patients?

JE: My view is that we shouldn't be treating pain. We should be treating health and quality of life. More than 80% of our patient base returns every month to ensure they continue to stay feeling well. It is our culture, and our goal is to change the mindset around what has become "traditional" healthcare. Caring for patients needs to be less about ego, and more about collaboration for the patient's benefit.


SN: Have you discovered anything during your career treating scoliosis?

JE: Patients want time and empathy. They want to feel heard, believed and valued. If that is the core of what you do every day, patients will get well and your practice will thrive.

SN: Thank you for your time.

JE: Thank you for having me.


For more information on Dr. Epstein's practice, feel free to contact her directly at:

By Phone:  (717) 531-3411